B Andrew

I'm Becki Andrew, 29, and I live in Putney. I work as a marketing manager for a City law firm. I realised I needed a personal trainer when I decided I wanted to take part in the Flora Light 5km Challenge in September 2003.

The trouble was it was June 2003 and the longest I could run for without collapsing was approximately 2 - 3 minutes. I started working with Oliver at the beginning of June once or twice a week, starting with 30 minutes of cardio exercise - walking and light jogging, cycling, rowing and cross training, followed by strength building with the use of weights and finishing with a 10 minute stretch. As the weeks went by Oliver steadily built up the time spent on the treadmill to 20 - 25 minutes, walking and jogging. September came, and the challenge itself. I completed the 5km in approximately 39 minutes, running most of the way.

I couldn't believe it - I'd come such a very long way in 3 months. It's now May 2004 and I continue to have a weekly session with Oliver. Neither his enthusiasm (nor mine) has diminished. We now concentrate on cardio and strength building exercises, but also look at technique for when I train by myself. I thoroughly enjoy my sessions which are tough but I always finish them on a high. In addition to feeling much fitter, I have also lost over 4 stones in weight. This is due to both working with Oliver and a change in diet on which Oliver is able to advise. And this September I'll be taking part in the Nike 10km!
S Stearn

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Oliver Stockwell to anyone who is thinking of hiring a personal trainer.

On first meeting Oliver I was impressed with his professional manner and impeccable manners. He was extremely knowledgeable and took the time to listen to my requirements and aims. He took the time to discuss my goals and potential and from that we formulated a training plan that included all of my needs including nutrition, weight loss and general overall fitness.

I have now been training with Oliver for almost 9 months and in that time he has managed to fulfil all of the requirements that we initially set out to do. My fitness level has increased, my weight management has been successful and all in all I feel healthy.
J Brown

I can vouch for Oliver's professionalism, his breadth of knowledge, and for the enthusiasm with which he helped to achieve my goals. The programs he designed for me answered with great efficiency and to great effect. If I ever had any questions he was always more than willing to help, and the advice he gave was invaluable. In short I would not hesitate to recommend Oliver if you are looking for a personal trainer - you could not meet a more genuine and helpful fitness instructor.
S Chapman

In 2003 I was training myself to join Derbyshire Police Force. As part of the application procedure I was required to pass a bleep test to level 8:1, also a speed test, which I had to complete within a specific time period and a pushing and pulling test which tested my upper body strength. I began my own regime, but got comfortable with what I was doing and didn't push myself further, and couldn't see myself getting any better past level 7 on the bleep test.

After speaking to friends who were more into fitness, they suggested getting a personal trainer who would be able to push me further than I would myself, and also cater for my specific requirements. Therefore after researching a few personal trainers on the website, I decided on Oliver. Oliver initially came round to give me a personal assessment and to talk about what I required and what he could give me out of the sessions. After this we started a programme of fartlek running both inside and outside of the gym. There were also weight exercises, done on the rowing machines and free weights to better my upper body strength.All throughout the hour long session, Oliver took notes on what we had done and how things were improving. Also as I was going back to Derby to do the practice sessions I was able to the see the improvement in the bleep test and the strength tests, which week after week they kept on improving.

With Oliver giving me good exercises to do, I was able to take them back to my own gym and do them myself, which meant throughout the week in between the sessions with Oliver I was able to keep going at the exercises. As a result of these sessions I passed the actual fitness test with flying colours,a nd i have now been in the police for over a year! I honestly don't think I could have done this without Oliver's help and enthusiasm! Each session was fun and although hard work, you really felt the improvement each session, and therefore, my confidence grew
J Underwood

Oliver Stockwell has helped me with one-to-one training over the past year or so. I found him to be a truly inspirational trainer. His skills and knowledge are excellent and he had a fantastic sense of my limitations. He would always test my capacities to the limit but he would always ensure too that at the end of the session I felt a sense of achievement. I thoroughly commend him.

John Underwood
Director - CLEAR

CLEAR - Winner of the PRCA Frontline Award 2003 for "Best Healthcare Campaign"
D Russell

"I came across Oliver’s details on the internet whilst searching for a Personal Trainer. I had previously had a couple of trainers, one of whom was very good and one of whom was very poor. I was therefore keen to ensure I made the right choice. A number of e-mails were exchanged between myself and Oliver who was exceptionally helpful and understanding.

We arranged to meet at my gym to discuss goals and methods. Oliver immediately puts you at ease and is obviously exceptionally knowledgeable in all aspects of health and fitness. We identified my targets and areas of strengths and weaknesses and Oliver constructed a programme to perfectly suit both.

Training with Oliver ensured that I trained properly, regularly and to maximum effect. Previously my training had been sporadic and often came after other priorities and therefore suffered. By having a Personal Trainer and more especially have such a competent trainer as Oliver made all the difference. Without Oliver I know I would not have stuck to the programme.

Oliver was flexible in the times and days that I needed and evolved the programme as we went along.

Both from my experience of Personal Trainers and via friends in the fitness industry I would commend Oliver to anyone who is looking for a Personal Trainer as the best available. He is patient, understanding and friendly. Importantly, he is knowledgeable and knows what it takes to achieve an individuals goal. And that’s what counts".

Harry Judd – McFly (Musician)

"I started training with Olly in October 2009, and was immediately assured by his knowledge and professional manner. We have trained together on an almost weekly basis since, and the results I have achieved have been far beyond what I believed to be possible.

Olly is personable and we get on very well. He discusses what is required from each exercise paying a lot of attention to the fine details of each movement. His advice and motivation during sessions has been crucial. This has also included recommending me exercises that I can work on away from our sessions, nutrition, and sports supplementation.

I have experienced phenomenal strength gains under Olly’s guidance which has improved my sporting ability in both Rugby and Football. The stamina I have gained from our sessions assists my performance as a musician also.

Olly is very enthusiastic that we progress and clearly enjoys his job. As well as our regular work-outs he has also taken my band mates and I through group training sessions adjusting to our individual requirements and abilities. I strongly recommend Olly as an excellent Personal Trainer."

Sue Kumleben

"Extraordinary! I have worked with Oliver for over 3 years and that's what he is - extraordinary. He is unfailingly positive, upbeat, supportive and inspiring. He has never given me the same workout. He pays close attention to how each individual body works and he really knows his stuff (several times his advice or plans have been confirmed by something I've read or learnt from an "expert" -- Oliver is so clearly an expert). Oliver also worked with my son so I can confirm that he tailors his approach to fit the individual. He has also modified my programme to help prepare me for my first marathon. He is flexible, thoroughly professional and a pleasure to see each week. 5 Stars; 110%

I am happy to be contacted by perspective clients. ".

Emily Harwood

"I have belonged to a gym for the last five years but was wasting my membership, as my lack of self-discipline combined with a natural inclination towards laziness conspired to prevent me going regularly. Brief flurries of enthusiasm or guilt would spur me into going for a couple of weeks but never enough to create a habit, and then months would go by with no visits at all.

Then, two years ago my clothes were getting too tight and I refused to go up a size. I knew that the only way I was going to get the better of my inertia would be to get a personal trainer who would turn up at the arranged time and take matters out of my own hands.

I found Oliver through the NRPT website and we started work the following week. It was hard work at first, but after a while I began to actually look forward to the weekly sessions and, within 4 months, had reached my target weight and not only found my clothes were no longer too tight, but they were actually too big! Plus I had more energy generally and people commented on how well I looked.

Oliver is encouraging and sensible, he listens to what you want to achieve, and helps you to get - and stay- there. I told him that I intended to go running outside of our weekly sessions, so he also quizzed me every week on what I had achieved on my own. Knowing I would have to confess if I hadn't managed to go running also helped me get over the lack of self-discipline and force me to exercise more.

Two years on, and Oliver is now helping me with antenatal fitness! ".

Julia Bates

"I started training with Oliver in 2009. I had previously been with another personal trainer for a year before. My routine was to do one hour in a local gym one day a week and to do an hour with Oliver at a time that suited both of us.

First of all Oliver is a breath of fresh air as an instructor. He is very polite and well mannered, and while this sounds a trivial thing it is all important if you are to build up trust with a trainer. Oliver gets the right balance of open friendly professionalism. He varied the routine week from week with a mixture of things to test and improve performance, stamina and tone. We worked with a variety of equipment including gym balls and resistance bands.

I had previously thought my training with weight machines, rowing machines and cross trainers could not be replicated in a ‘home’ environment but Oliver has proved me wrong, in fact I feel the work outs with the resistance bands were more challenging than the actual weights at my local gym.
I had always struggled with basic things like press up’s - we worked on this using techniques both physical and mental and I can see the improvement.

My main goal was to maintain my level of fitness and I achieved this, moreover my leg and arm tone was improving with each session.

I am 40+ and have previous fitness experience. Oliver tailored the hour to fit my level of fitness and age. I always felt challenged but not by impossible goals. I have re-located out of London now but had I not moved I would have definitely stayed on working with Oliver. I would highly recommend him as a Personal Trainer and think his best qualities are that he listens, he is very knowledgeable and experienced in health and fitness, and is very calm, personable and encouraging. ".